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[sticky] New Tool Available: Clean up your Dropbox with our Conflicted Copy Resolver 1 Boris 5 months
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Boxcyptor, NAS und AWS Glacier 2 Yasmin 6 days
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Feature Request: Automatisch Ordner synchronisieren 1 stefanweber 1 week
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Boxcryptor forgets credentials on Android 1 Bobuscho 2 weeks
Thumbnails not cached on Windows 10 4 kristianb 2 weeks
is there a way to disable 2FA without Secret Key? 3 dziegener 2 weeks
Padlock missing after Windows and Boxcryptor reinstall 2 newshnd 2 weeks
Private key question 2 Christian 2 weeks
Losing Custom Locations and Shutting Down [2.20.680] 7 Galua 2 weeks
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Moore's law 2 Christian 3 weeks
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Is the password now stored locally even if I set Boxcryptor to ask for it after each restart? 1 Adam 3 weeks
2-Faktor-Authentifizierung von Chrome Erweiterung unterstützt? 3 Tom A. Haag 3 weeks
Chrome extension - "Store password" 2 Robert 3 weeks
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